Youth Roller Hockey

Youth Inline Hockey - New Port Richey, FLAll Sports Arena offers youth roller hockey for kids 16 and under. We try to keep the hockey games and practices during the week so you can enjoy family time over the weekend. We encourage good sportsmanship on and off the rink. Our coaches are parents of the hockey players and help the kids grow in the sport. Our leagues are broken out for 10 and under, 12 and under, 14 and under, and 17 and under adult mix. This is a recreational roller hockey league so all games are played at All Sports Arena.

We know that not every kid who likes hockey knows how to skate. That's why we offer a fantastic Learn To Play program on Monday and Wednesday from 6pm - 7pm. This is for future hockey players age 4 and up. Whether you've skated around the neighborhood before or never had a pair of skates on a day in your life, our Learn To Play coaches will help you get ready to enter one of our rec roller hockey leagues.

You can see our rec, Learn To Play and Skills and Drills schedules here.


Youth Ball Hockey

Schedule for the Youth Ball Hockey Dates and Times will be:
8 & Under Friday Nights 6 and 7 pm
10 & Under Saturdays 8 and 9 am
12 & Under Saturdays 10 and 11 am
Cadet and Adult Division Friday Night 8 and 9 pm

 We truly would appreciate it if you can cut and paste this in all of the groups that you are part of that have to do with Families and Kids and share with your friends. If you would like to sign up online go to http://all-sportsarena.com/products/summer-2016-youth-ball-hockey

Womens Hockey League

Who says hockey is just for men? Join the All Sports Arena women's league! Have fun while getting in shape and learning the game of hockey. It's a fun, supportive environment. All ages and skill levels are welcome. Games are held on Sunday's at 11 am and 12 pm.


Co-Ed Hockey League

Our Co-Ed league is for all skill levels of both men and women.  There must be at least 2 women on the rink at all times during these games.  The games are held on Sunday's at 1pm and 2pm.


Mens Roller Hockey League

We have an Upper and Lower level division for men's roller hockey on Sunday's and a 30 and Over league on Thursday nights. All divisions play only teams in their division. There are 11 games of divisional round robin play and then playoff games at the end of each season. For more information please contact the rink at 727-845-7808.


Adult Deck Hockey League

We even have something for those that aren't able to skate or just looking for a great way to exercise while having fun. This league is a 5 on 5 foot hockey league that follows closely to the NHL rules with offsides and icing. For more league information please contact the rink at 727-845-7808.