CCM RBZ Stiff Grip Composite Stick

CCM RBZ Stiff Grip Composite Stick


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Strap a rocket to the puck with the CCM RBZ powered by TaylorMade.

CCM teamed up with world-renowned golf club manufacturer TaylorMade to bring their cutting-edge technology to the sport of hockey.

Drawing from the proprietary RocketBallz golf technology, CCM has eliminated foam from the core of the blade and replaced it with SpeedBlade Technology. Foam absorbs velocity from your shot; SpeedBlade Technology replaces foam with four internal speed channels. These channels transfer energy more efficiently and help to increase the velocity of your shot while maintaining control and durability.

In the world of golf, TaylorMade Golf also introduced the Coefficient of Restitution. Also known as the trampoline effect, the principles of the C.O.R. have been used in TaylorMade drivers for quite some time. In layman’s terms, this translates to a blade that releases stored energy upon impact, resulting in harder passes and heavier shots. Eliminating energy loss maximizes puck speed and truly places the RBZ in a class of its own.

Advancements in shaft design have resulted in what is known as Power Swing Technology. This provides a finer weight and flex distribution, giving you more torque on your follow-through and a quicker release. The constant stiffness of the shaft gives you a customized kick point for optimal loading.

The RBZ was designed for the player who wants to fire an accurate shot that will blow a hole in the back of the net.

Don’t just shoot the puck. Drive it.

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