SHER-WOOD REKKER EK15 Composite Hockey Stick

SHER-WOOD REKKER EK15 Composite Hockey Stick


$ 199.99


  • Constructed with an ultra resistant carbon fiber which is 30% lighter than the competition
  • More durable than what can be built by machine, eliminating any surplus materials and defects which can result in pre-mature breakage
  • Production time is eight times longer than the mechanized method
  • Provides a consistent flex throughout the shaft creating a perfect balance between lightness and sustainability
  • Lightest and most responsive stick in the industry!
  • 45 grams lighter than the Nexon 12 and 65 grams lighter than the T100
  • The light weight construction combined with the low flex profile enables players to load the shaft quicker and get their shots off faster than ever before
  • Unmatched balance, power and feel


  • New high density foam breaks down much slower than other blades keeping that new stick feel for longer
  • The carbon bridge in the middle of the blade ensures that the blade remains stiff longer for vibration reduction and optimal puck control
  • Each step of the blade’s assembly process is done entirely by hand
  • Completely redesigned high performance blade which leads to more powerful shots and a greater, more tangible feel of the puck
  • Engineered for maximum energy output, the low kick maximizes loading for better control and precision
  • One-piece spear construction for effortless loading and an active response
  • Perfect for player who shoots in close and takes snap and wrist shots
  • Responds quickly to all critical situations

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