$ 109.99

Extreme mobility with maximum protection

Dextra PRO II has been designed to provide the comfort you expect form the Dextra line, with a new tapered fit and a SHIELD powered floating wrist cuff. This unparalleled combination of performance and protection makes the Dextra PRO II the most advanced glove in the market.

Dextra PRO II features our new Torrey Suede palm with overlays, trigger gussets providing maximum grip and dexterity, Sham Quick Thumb to clean your visor or just wipe away sweat and a lock thumb with lycra loop; which provides all the protection of a lock thumb with the movement of a flex one. Additionally, your Dextra PRO gloves can be baked for two minutes in a skate oven for a more broken in feel and perfect fit.

Verbero Dextra PRO II Features
  • Palm: Perma dry Palm. Made with Torrey Suede, this high end palm not only wicks away moisture at a higher rate than other palms, but it also provides increased comfort, flexibility, and game ready feel.

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