$ 7.99

The Halo Wrist Trainer is a very good tool to help develop quick hands, the proper wrist shot motion, and muscle memory. It is very easy to install on any type of hockey stick: adult or children. This is great for home use and will make an impact in your game.

  • The Halo Teaches proper wrist shots, crisp passing, muscle memory and wicked fast hands.
  • Works for Inline, Ice and Street Hockey.
  • Fits any adult sized hockey stick. For kids, simply cut the shaft down before inserting The Halo.
  • Smooth dome shaped interior "cradles" any street hockey ball.
  • Sturdy polymer construction wont crack or break after heavy use.
  • The Halo can be inserted into any adult shaft and secured by adding glue or black friction tape to the top of the insert.
  • Once secured The Halo is ready for hours of fun and training!

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