Revision The Variant Inline Hockey Wheels


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Variant Platinum

Designed for the elite player weighing 150lbs. or less the Variant Series Platinum wheel by Revision is the grippiest wheel manufactured today. The Variant Platinum is taking the tournament world by storm. Featuring a 72a urethane for the absolute maximum grip, and the patented TORUS technology which minimizes any speed reduction while enhancing a players ability to cut, turn, and stop sharper than they thought possible. If you’re one of the elite young tournament stars out there today, or on your way to become one, you should be rocking the Revision Variant Platinum.

Variant Gold

Designed for the elite level player between 150-200 lbs., or for those who want the same elite level performance as today’s top pros. Revision Variant Series Gold Wheel takes the combination of performance and durability to a whole new stratosphere. Take our patented 74a urethane technology, combine that with the patented TORUS technology, and our patented platform core and what do you get? An x-soft wheel with all the grip you will ever need, all the support necessary to hit your top speed, and unparalleled durabilty which makes the Revison Variant Series Gold Wheel the top performance wheel in the world.

Variant Bronze

Designed to mirror the performance of our other Variant SeriesWheels, the Variant Bronze Wheel by Revision is built for those in the 200lbs or more weight class. Don’t think for a second that the big guys can’t hang with the shifty 140lbs youngsters out there. The Variant Bronze Wheel combines the same TORUS technology and platform core technology found in the platinum and gold wheels, but our chemists have cooked up a stiffer TORUS and a 76a durometer urethane to even out the playing field. Need grip, can’t afford to lose speed, don’t want wheels that chunk and crack on you then Revision Variant Series Bronze is the wheel for you.

Variant Steel

Our Platinum wheel still sets the industry standard for grip. The Variant Gold provides an unmatched amount of grip and speed. The Bronze wheel provides speed, grip, and durability for larger players. Our new Steel Variant Wheel takes speed and durability to a whole new level without sacrificing any grip. The Steel was created for larger skaters and players who are hard on wheels or those simply looking to maximize speed. If you are looking for a high performance wheel that will stand the test of time we recommend you try the Steel today!


  • Patented TORUS Technology provides 30% more grip than any other wheel
  • TORUS Integrated Structure Ring (ISR) prevents deflection on center edge for maximum speed
  • Platform Core technology makes Revision the lightest wheel in the industry, while allowing urethane to flow through freely for durability
  • Revolutionary Urethane provides maximum durability against cracking and splitting backed by Revision’s 30 day warranty
  • Available in 68mm, 72mm, 76mm, and 80mm

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