Sher-Wood 9950 Goalie Stick Extra Thin

Sher-Wood 9950 Goalie Stick Extra Thin


$ 79.99

The Sher-Wood 9950 Goal sticks offer a traditional wood feel with new updated paint and graphics. 

The 9950 goal stick from Sher-Wood is going to incorporate all of the features of the 5030 goal stick with a few additions to increase the durability and stiffness. In the shaft of this stick Sher-Wood uses a double birch lamination, seen in the 5030, providing a more responsive feel with the stick. The paddle is injected polyurethane foam covered with fiberglass and carbon fiber. This layering process gives the Sherwood 9950 goalie stick increased durability and stiffness providing a great feel.

The 9950 goalie stick uses an extremely lightweight design that is comparable in weight to other brands composite goalie sticks.

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