Sher-Wood T100 2nd Generation Hockey Stick

Sher-Wood T100 2nd Generation Hockey Stick


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The new 2nd Generation of the T100 introduces an even lighter, better balanced and more performing version of its predecessor. The T100 has been completely re-designed from the ground up with an increased taper zone to allow for more powerful shots. It is equipped with Sher-Wood's VRF.2 blade for a more active response and increased puck feel.


VRF.2 technology is the result of extensive engineering where the construction of the original blade has been completely rethought and redesigned. Unique to only Sher-Wood, each step of the blade’s manufacturing process is assembled by hand. To prevent premature disintegration, new high performance foam has been integrated into the blade. This results in increased durability, more powerful shots and improved puck feel. An additional carbon bridge has been inserted into the blade to increase stiffness and minimize long term stress caused from constant contact. The bridge acts as a stabilizer, reducing torsion for a more accurate shot and optimal puck feel.


While many one piece sticks are actually fused shafts and blades, Sher-Wood’s Spear Shaft Technology puts a true meaning to the word one-piece stick. The shaft runs through the heel of the blade so that the player is in constant contact with the ice and the puck. This allows for a more tangible feel of the puck and increased control.


Better engineered materials, combined with a long loading zone have led to the development of Sher- Wood’s Flex Free Zone. This industry leading technology allows for the player to cut their stick anywhere within the top four inches of the shaft without affecting the flex of the stick. This allows for a consistent and constant flex profile throughout the stick.


Sher-Wood's T-Shaft built with square double concave walls and mid round corners. A little bigger than the Pro Shaft, the T-Shaft facilitates hand movement up and down the shaft. The T-Shaft allows for a secure grip that results in less torquing and twisting while shooting as well as better control and precision.


The expanded blade profile reduces torsion moving down the shaft. Additional layers of high modulus carbon fibre are added to the hosel area to increase the blade’s stiffness, providing an additional layer of protection against slashes and constant contact. Sher-Wood’s Wider Hosel is extremely useful for centermen as well as physical players who play in the corners and around the net.


The True Touch mid kickpoint design has been engineered to provide a natural heavy release. For increased velocity and power, this design creates a stick that loads the maximum amount of energy possible. This design is ideal for the power player that is looking for a balanced feel and unleashes heavy slap shots and one-timers.

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