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The all-new Sherwood T120 has been finely tuned by their engineers to develop an unbelievably balanced, light, and durable premium quality goal stick.

The paddle is constructed of Sherwood’s exclusive EK-CORE technology, an adaption of high-end materials and manufacturing processes to the new line of sticks. The production and assembly of the stick is entirely done by hand where extreme precision and attention to detail is required. Using this method, in conjunction with an ultra-resistant carbon fiber that is 30% lighter than the competition, Sherwood has been able to achieve the most well-balanced goalie stick on the market.

The shaft has been constructed with an all-new design never before seen in a goal stick. Typically, within a composite goal stick, the shaft is hollow like a players stick and the paddle and blade are polyurethane foam injected. With Sherwood’s new anti-vibration handle, they have extended the foam injection region to reach the shaft where the goalie places their hand. This section will reduce the vibrations a goalie feels upon puck impact by over 40% and allows them to track the puck at all times.

Continuing to place all the new revolutionary technology in the T120 goal stick, Sherwood has also included their VRF+ construction into the paddle. The VRF+ technology features an injected polyurethane foam core combined with a carbon bridge running lengthwise throughout the paddle. The carbon bridge acts as a stabilizer to help reduce torsion and help facilitate controlled rebounds.

For the goalie looking for the latest revolutionary technology to hit the market in one of the lightest packages on the market, look no further than the Sherwood T120 goal stick.

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