Sherwood REKKER EK15 Hockey Gloves

Sherwood REKKER EK15 Hockey Gloves


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The Sherwood REKKER EK15 Hockey Gloves feature a tapered fit that fits especially tight in the fingers with a snug fit in the backhand before opening up for a loose fit in the cuff. 

For protection the 2015 EK15 gloves utilize a very firm medium-density foam base topped with PE inserts all throughout the glove. This combination of protective materials provides a very lightweight feel with a high level of protection against slashes and pucks. In the thumb, Sherwood uses a 2-piece design with molded plastic to allow for decent thumb movement without taking away from the protective aspect. The cuff features a multi-piece design with ultra lightweight high-density foams to keep the gloves light and mobile for unhindered stick handling.

The palm features a combination of microsuede and digital Nash that allows for incredible stick feel that is reinforced in the palm to keep it intact. The interior of the glove keeps players dry and odor-free with a premier microfiber liner with antibacterial properties. This also provides extra comfort with soft and cushioned foams that dampen impacts as well. 

  • Model Number: 120SW000660
  • Heritage: Rekker EK15 2014
  • Level of Play Guideline: Elite
  • Fit Guidelines: Tapered fit - Snug fit in the fingers & backhand, relaxed fit in the cuff

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