Sherwood True Touch T120 4 Roll Hockey Gloves

Sherwood True Touch T120 4 Roll Hockey Gloves


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The Sherwood T120 4-Roll Hockey Gloves are the premier gloves in Sherwood's True Touch traditional fitting line. Using a firm medium-density foam with PE inserts throughout the glove, players are protected from varying levels of impact whether it's sticks or pucks. The thumb utilizes Sherwood's Alt System 2-piece thumb that provides top-level protection with a molded PE design and they did so without sacrificing mobility. 

 The palm features a combination of Microsuede and Nash that provides unparalleled stick feel in a durable design. On the inside, the T120 is lined with moisture-wicking microfiber. This keeps the hand dry in its comfortable construction and prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria. 

The cuff opens up into a segmented design that allows the wrist to move freely. This open cuff is backed by lightweight high-density foams for solid protection. Though the T120 features a traditional (relaxed) fit, it has a slightly tighter fit in the fingers and backhand than other traditional gloves on the market. 

  • Model Number: 120SW000720
  • Heritage: New
  • Level of Play Guideline: Elite
  • Fit Guidelines: Traditional fit - Relaxed in the fingers, backhand, and cuff; classic fit

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