$ 109.99

Space grade carbon and resin provides ultimate performance

Verbero continues its innovation with the Latigo Pro Stick that is bound to break the ice in the hockey world. We've pulled out all the stops to deliver ultimate performance with a combination of impressive space grade carbon and resin, reducing the weight while providing pro stock performance and durability. With the implementation of this advanced technology, Verbero sticks are both aerospace dynamic and player approved.

Only Verbero sticks feature Phantom lite technology, which eliminates air pockets and manufacturing imperfections, delivering consistent quality and perfect balance. The Latigo Pro is run through the Durotec Weight Reduction process, shaving the weight of the stick down to 400 grams. A low kick-point offers a quicker and more accurate release.

The Verbero Latigo Pro is available in grip or non-grip shafts and comes in hockey's most popular curves to suit any player's individual style.

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